Que hàn Đồng Hm-Cu-VD

Liên hệ

  • Welding red copper and cast iron
  • Able to process and cut

Characteristics – applications:

  • Hm-Cuis the electrode with a copper-core coating. Arc is stable without splashing and explosion. The welded joints are eye-catching and bright.
  • Suitable for welding copper and cast iron structures with reasonable force
  • After welding, able to process and cut.

Chemical composition (%):

Fe Mn Si Cu
Obtained 0.5 0.4 0.5 Remaining

Mechanical property of weld metal

Tensile strength
Bending angle
Obtained 250 20 1500

Instructions for use:

  • Clean oil, grease and dust before welding
  • Heat the object to be welded at 400 ~ 450 oC before welding
  • Dry the electrode at 150 C for 30 ~60 minutes before welding
  • Process welding edges sufficiently so that the electrode can approach the welding area, avoid too large processing and thereby increase the risk for cracks due to shrinkage
  • Select appropriate welding current to avoid possible defects
  • Use direct current – positive electrode
  • Size of the electrode and used current:
Diameter (mm) Φ 3.2 Φ 4.0
Length (mm) 350 400
Amperage (A) Flat welding 90 ~120 160 ~ 180