Thuốc hàn VD-431

Liên hệ

  • Protective agent for welding wires EH11K-VD, H08-VD, etc.
  • Suitable for the manufacture of beam frame, arm crane, etc.
  • Welded points are intensively penetrated and smooth.
  • High welding capacity

Applied standards

  • AWS A5.17   F6A2 – EL8
  • AWS A5.17   F6A2 – EL12
  • AWS A5.17 F7A2 – EH 11 K

Characteristics –applications:

  • VD-431 is the protective agent when welding wires EH 11 K-VD, H08-VD or equivalent. The agent includes compositions helping protect the welded joints from environmental hazards.
  • Suitable for welding low-carbon steel such as the manufacture of beam frame, arm crane, etc. Appropriate for welding straight lines, circles, etc.
  • Welding capacity higher than other methods of welding. Ability to recover the welding flux.

Mechanical property of weld metal when welding with wires EH 11 K-VD and H08-VD:

Welding with wires Yield strength
Tensile strength
Impact value
EH 11 K-VD 450 540 28 – 200C: 120
H08-VD: 400 490 26 – 200C: 60

Instructions for use:

  • Clean oil, grease and dust before scatting the welding flux
  • If the welding flux is wet, dry it before welding.

Packing specification:  25kg/bag